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Hat, tell me who you are (Taquile Island)

In Peru, in the middle of a mountain in a remote time, there is a deep blue lake and unparalleled purity.
Natural and floating islands, in blue water…There is the cradle of the Andean civilization. Between myths and traditions immediate, is perfect for a ride to the will of the legendary waters of Titicaca Lake and an island that I love: the Taquile Island.

Two and a half hours from Puno, with a length of 7 km, is this island of dreams: no hotels, roads, electricity, internet, cars, bicycles, even dogs.
The inhabitants of Taquile island have been preserved for hundreds of years their ancient traditions, especially the tissue and hence the quality. In Taquile, the men are who knit. The fineness and the drows for their tissues reflect a lifestyle full of Andean beliefs.
You will discover that once you have uploaded hundreds of stairs that lead into town. (Exactly 533 steps)
On this island there is the possibility of staying in family homes, something that I highly recommend them.
This community consists of 1,200 indigenous, its people is very friendly and the impact of tourism has not changed anything in the way of life of these people from another era, wearing their traditional costumes and speak only Quechua.

The people have a dress code (shapes and colors) to indicate their marital status or sentimental (married, single, boyfriend, singles seeking a partner) and a lot of rituals are linked to the seam.
Here these men live in a transparent world, childish, naive, fresh out of a children’s story …

Some examples:
Some men wear a hat with a white tip, which means they are unmarried.
If the tuft of the hat is tilted back, that means that the wearer does not look for anything special.
If the tuft is leaning left or right, this means that this man has a relationship or vice versa is open to any suggestions …
For women, if they have a veil that reveals your face or not, that will indicate to the people of the island if they are free or not.
Married men wear a very nice red cap.

You need to know, that to get married, the candidate must submit to their possible future father in law the famous red cap. The cap is the result of nine months of sewing work done every day. If the cap goes well, the father accepted the marriage.

Before marrying, the couple must live together for a year. A woman should not cut his hair. If the agreement has not been broken after this year of living together, she should cut and sew, with her hair and cloth, a belt with large drawings. Half of these drown tell for all the beautiful things that the couple lived during their year of “proof” and the other half all have desires and dreams for the future partner.
The oldest of the island, occupying important positions, are wearing another kind of hat.
The men did not shake hands in greeting, but interchange coca leaves.

The people live in community with each other and maintain a strong cohesion, the distribution of crops and harvests were made according to the needs of each.
In the island, there is no police. There is a “Council” and its members change regularly and in a democratic way, which regulates conflicts. They also consult of course to the elderly men…

There are still some places on earth where people live simply, respect the origins, traditions, the other, and also to nature. Taquile Island is part of them.