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The Incas’s empire

The Incas (1200-1532), exceptionals administrators, implacables fighters, superfitted constructors (see Cusco and its Sacsahuaman fortress, or Machu Picchu), they knew, in 300 years (aproximated), how to make, with theirs neighbors, a really empire, the most powerful in all the Precolombian America.
The empire called Tahuantinsuyu, that means “The four parts of the Universe”, the entire world. Its capital has been Qosqo (Cusco: “navel”, in quechua) Lump together a big part of Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, and also the Andean Argentina.
Ten millons men was under direction of the governors. The tasks were done for the public works, the land was for everyone. Each family reserved the fields for its own. But they have to participate in the maintenance of the sacred fields (for the priest and gods) and of the empire (for the Inca’s helth, for the administration, the army, the artisans and the inca’s “social security” for who cannot work anymore). The oficial harvest was stocked in special stores. In case of catastrophe or famine, the emperor – Sapa Inca, the unic Inca – have to open thats stores and distribute all the provicions nesessaries.
Like Pharaon the Inca was son of the Sun and like the Egyptian, he married with his sister, for not to mix the holy blood with the coarse worldly one.
Also theirs administratores have the exact register of the population, the recourses, the army and their armaments. That it was thanks their quipus, a colour cord system with knots very easy to decipher for the quipucamayos, that number readers were be, a kind of accountant of the empire.

Here we have two legends that they would be mencioned about the foundation of the Inca’s empire.
The first is about the history of Manco Capac and Mama Ocilo, his sister wife, leaving Titicaca Lake, with the mission of civilize the wild people; they establish their kingdom in the land where will be buried the gold reed that it was entrusted by their father, the god Sun; it was in Cusco.
The other story that complete the first (when the empire was established, someone has to manager it), called the brothers Ayar, left, with their wifes, of the grotto of Pacaritambo. One of the two will be designated king (“Inca”) under the name Manco Capac, the first of 14 historic Incas.

And so, legitimized by de mythes, the power and the Inca’s civilization of the Sun could move for the continent. The best of all the souvenirs of Cusco was, no doubt, Pachacutec, that kingdom (1438-1471) carried the empire to the biggest dimensions. Was here, in an divided empire between the two sons of the Inca Huayna Capac, Huascar and Atahualpa, where Francisco Pizarro (1475-1541) has landed.
Finding allieds for every village of the empire the Spanish took advantage of the situation to win a clear conquest. The Incas get power again and gave a beautiful resist for the conquerors.
It will take 41 years to the Incas been submited: the last Inca, Tupac Amaru, was capturated and executed in 1572.