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The survivors of the Che

It was in Bolivia where death Ernesto Guevara, says the Che, who becoming a truly symbol for the young generations free lovers.
CHE…three letters for a symbol.
CHE is an interjection that is utilized in so many places of Argentina to call a friend. Also is used to be on familiar terms with. (The Che was Argentine)

After the Cuban revolution, the point was making a new point of revolution in Bolivia.
Why Bolivia? Certainly because is the most central country in South America and from there, it could be possible to extend a revolution through all the nighboring countries.
We can imagine that the Che might take the command of a colony of his country, Argentina

September 1967, in Bolivia, to try to escape from the soldiers, the Che and his men, walked at night, slept by day, they hide in the very depth of some cramped gorges and almost inaccessible.
8 October, 1967, the Che wounded, was took as a prisoner at the Yuro Gully, after that, he get sick at La Higuera College, Bolivia.
9 October, 1967. La Higuera, Bolivia. The Che is shot by a Bolivian military man, in presence of CIA agents.
Ernesto Guevara, says the Che, the partisan most wanted of the world is simply killed. The day after that, the death body of the hero is exposed in front of the journalist. Then his hands are cut – to be identified – and the body is faster buried, without any burial.
It was in July 1997, when a Cuban / Argentine team find a grave where the Guevara remains are identified. (These are now, in Cuba, his second mother country).

Meters from there, six men tell the new to the radio. Six warriors consecrated by heart to the Revolution and to the Commandant. Dario, Pombo, Urbano, El Inti, El Ñato, Benigno, they have no choice but to run away.
Every day after the death of the Che, The survivors of the Che, the partisans in the middle of the nature yet, are remorselessly persecuted and executed. Just five of them – three Cuban, two Bolivian – found the way to escape from the thousands soldiers whose rounded the area. After
More than four months of idleness the three Cubans, can get cross the border with Chile. The 7 March, 1967, they landed at La Habana where Fidel Castro gives them the welcoming as heroes.
As for the other two Bolivians, they rest in their country. Duly inspirited by the example of the Che, they took on the fight and they death in the battle.

As a little anecdote: Benigno, one of the survivor, son of farmers, he didn’t read, didn’t write neither when he begin the combat with the Che.
He was who has learned, thanks the lessons at night in the jungle and wrote much after a book, ‘The survivors of the Che‘, a kind of last tribute, recounting the latest instants if fight with the Che, plus the months of escape that they follow.

Today, the little college, La Higuera, is visited and I could recommend you a little tour at the ‘route of the Che’ during your trip in Bolivia.