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The Tutankamon of America

It was 1987 when released one of the most fabulous archeological discoveries of this last decade: the never break grave, also after 1700 years, of one personage of the Moche civilization and that was for the pre-Colombian archeologist, as for the Egyptians, the grave of the young Tutancamon discovery and all its treasures.

The Moche civilization, which reins all of Peru in the VIII century, doesn’t get lost its fabulous archeological treasures.
The Royal Tombs Museum (the most beautiful of all Peru) gives the treasures of the sanctuary of Lord of Sipán, a big politic personage of the Moche civilization and the archeological inestimable and riches: jewels and ceramics objects.

The case of Sipan begins, in February 1987, as real thriller, with a night looting of one archeological site in the depth ugly of an old Moche pyramid, huaqueros (sacred places looters, called huacas) reinforced with shovels and rifles, police arms with machine guns.

In the huequero house, the police have taken exceptional things. In total, thirty three objects with a very important valor or interest, but no doubt, a big part of the booty.
A treasure like that cannot come from another place as one royal tomb, looted at 7 meters of depth.

The funeral plate-form, we know today, have six levels (date of III century), and we suppose that some of that levels has a royal tomb.
One has looted (level 4), other two has discovered. Three rest to discover.
Was also discovered a place of 4×4 meters that has had a very important thousand of red ceramics: the biggest quantity of ceramics never founded.

Under the place of the ceramics, was discovered a definitely treasure: at 3.5 meters from above, a warrior with the rest of a helmet and a copper shield, but without feet.
A custodian mutilated like that, was for custody without fail, a personage where its tomb was really near.

The mortuary place reserve a lot of surprises, but macabre.
Buried south head, the Lord was not left alone to the afterlife. At his feet, and under his head, there were two women in hers twenty years old, wives or concubines. At his right, a warrior about 40 years old, having a war mace and shield. At his left, a server with the same age may be a huntsman, buried with a dog.

Three years later, in 1990, in the oldest level of the plate-form (level 1), dated of I century of our era, was discover the rests of the Old Lord of Sipán, a rich tomb, more than his descendant. Richer, but crueler: grand father has confronted alone that, no women, no warriors, no huntsman, no custodian. And any dog.
How to get deepest with the mysteries of the thoughts and religion of a people that we ignore the time when all of that was happened…In the meantime, may be, more revelations of another Lords of Sipan, they still sleeping, no doubt, in the number 2, 3 and 5 tombs of the plate-form…