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The Chaco is a key region for the Bolivian government, but has much less interest in tourism, I tell you now.
However, because of its low population density, there is an amazing sample of rare varieties of fauna and flora.
South-east lies in the plains and semi arid tropics of Chaco, which extend to Paraguay and Argentina.
They have the largest natural reserves in Bolivia, gas and petrol. Bolivia holds the second and gas reserves in South America after Venezuela.

Chaco is a term that comes from the Quechua chaku and meaning “(area of) hunting.”
If population density is low, the insects ‘biting’ is not. Tropical diseases are alive and well in this region…
The Bolivian Chaco is part of the Gran Chaco is one of the major geographic regions of South America, located in the Southern Cone, it lies partly in the territories of Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil and Paraguay .

It is a vast territory of more than 240 000 km ², largely uninhabited, where you can meet some of the highest recorded temperatures in South America.
In 1884, Bolivia lost its coastline to Chile after the Pacific War. The Bolivian government had to find another access to the sea and their hopes were turned to the eastern border, the boreal forest and the river Paraguay.
In 1932, the conflict becomes inevitable with Paraguay and war is declared. The two sides will kill each other for three years during the Chaco War