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The Oriente

Not too much visited, I really like this area because surprising and off the beaten track in a comprehensive manner. Very unusual sites belong to this region but their access is often difficult. The Oriente is a destination for those who have time on their hands and fancy for a trip to the heart of South American continent
We often tend to represent Bolivia as a country perched in the middle of the Andes. In fact, over half the country lies in the lowlands.

Torrid zone plains to the lush vegetation covering nearly 70% of Bolivian territory, true economic hope for the country, it abounds in raw materials (notably petrol).
The Amazon and the Pantanal (the largest reserve of wildlife and flora of the world) are there.
The region of Oriente occupies the entire northern part and eastern of the country.
In contrast to the Altiplano and the Cordilleras, is a torrid zone, consisting of plains and the Amazonian forest to the north. Temperature displays over 37 ° C and the humidity is often suffocating.

Fishing for piranhas and alligators hunting will certainly be part of the program.
The starting point for visiting some of this vast region is Santa Cruz which enjoys a privileged climate and a generous nature.
Among the many attractions of the Oriente, often unknown visitors to the country, I would cite the most important to me: the imposing Inca fortress of Samaipata, which was the most advanced post of the empire, designed to repel invasions Guarani Indians, the park Amboró where the forest conceals crystal clear rivers and waterfalls, enchanting amid cries of monkeys and singing parrots, Jesuit Missions, a jewel of Baroque architecture, and further east towards the Brazilian border, the highlands of Robore, and the incredible exuberance of flora and fauna of the Pantanal.

Also, in Northern of the department, isolated in the Amazon and completely preserved, the Noel Kempff Park, World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
Finally, for those who want to follow in the footsteps of the famous guerrilla: the road of Che allows you to join Sucre, to Vallegrande and La Higuera… names have become famous, now peaceful sleepy villages. 

What a (long) program…