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Areas of Bolivia

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The valleys

Transition zone between the Andean high plateau and the Amazon during your trip you certainly will cross because it relies on its territory one of the most beautiful city in South America: Sucre, home of the country’s independence.
Between 1500 and 2500 m, the valleys are characterized by a mild climate and lush vegetation. Its fertile soil makes the region the breadbasket of Bolivia.
This altitude means that temperatures are milder than those of the Altiplano. This area is at the center of the country.

Two of the most important cities of Bolivia, the beautiful Sucre and Cochabamba, are located in a basin of this region.
The intervening valleys, located mainly in the departments of Cochabamba, Sucre and Tarija, belong to this region. They have a mild and temperate climate, where spring seems never ended.
When the slope is not as steep, we enter in the temperate valleys like those of Cochabamba, Tarija and Sucre where the climate and terrain are comparable to some parts of southern Spain. Tarija, for example, is known in Bolivia as the “Little Andalusia”, a nickname in good agreement with the character of its inhabitants, who enjoy a reputation for slowness.
The eastern slope of central cordillera descends, forming a series of hills. The rivers flow to the east through long narrow valleys, for harvesting and habitat. Although in some places erosion has taken away the vegetation.

This region represents 16% of the territory, or 175,772 km ². The average temperature is 16 to 20 ° C.
It’s finally here that is certainly the most colorful market and the most traditional of all South America: Tarabuco.
Not to be missed under any pretexts.