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The Yungas

The Yungas region, located north-east of La Paz (three hours away), is transitional figure between the snow-capped mountain ranges and the humid universe of the Amazon.
His visit is interesting because is not far from La Paz, I would recommend then.

It reveals the deep valleys and irrigated perfectly: the vegetation is abundant and fertile land. This area forms a valley, and enjoying a hot and humid, with lush vegetation and abundant.
These plains consist of large areas and dense tropical forests, along rivers.

During the wet season (December, January and February), much of this region is transformed into swamps, however, many stretches remain above water level and are rich pastures.
The valley is divided into two zones: the North Yungas and South Yungas.
The road from La Paz via Coroico Caranavi, Rurrenbaque and Santa Rosa along the river Ichilo, connects the capital to the whole agricultural area. Part of this road is known as the sweet name of “highway of death” …

For the less adventurous, from La Paz, walking can be a good way to access the Yungas, after 4 days of hiking.
This tropical region provides to the Bolivian capital, fruit and other tropical plants, the area is conducive to coffee crops, sugarcane, corn, bananas, etc. … And even the dear coca to Aymara and Quechua Indians.

In this rainforest can observe a very rich fauna. Many hotels and pensions host tourists from kayaking on the Coroico River or rafting in the river.
From Coroico you can descend even lower, to land the hottest of the Yungas. We will discover several municipalities including Puerto Linares at 400 meters (La Paz is situated 4,000 meters above sea level to 3 hours away).

Here in the southern Yungas, where we find ourselves in perfect harmony with nature, escaping the concrete to the Bolivian capital. It is a paradise for hikers in the heart of tropical landscapes.
During your tour you will discover in the Yungas many birds of all colors, huge butterflies, monkeys, caimans.
Fauna that you might not leave the cold climate of La Paz