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Iquitos and the Amazonas (Peru)

The Amazon forest covers almost the 60% of the Peru, and almost more in Bolivia. We usually forget it, but the jungle covers a big part of those countries.
I recommend, of course, making a ‘little jump’ to the Amazonas during your trip…

The more varied ecosystem of the planet, this huge jungle has the biggest tropical forest reserves of the world. It is here, in Peru, in the mountains of the Arequipa area, in the south of the country, where the Amazonas River born and it become the biggest river of the world, after the Nile…
True natural jewel of the world, this jungle give refuge to a fauna and flora particularly dense and varied. We can discover unimaginable animals, like the pink dolphin. In the heart of that tropical forest, there is the Iquitos Village, where the only way to arrive is by airmail or water way and is the starting point to discover the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve, and the biodiversity of the biggest river of the world: the Amazonas.
Iquitos has known how to keep a human dimension, contrary Manaos in Brazil.

This dense Peruvian forest has its name because of the big river generating of life, illusions and legends. The Amazonas, which was discovered in 1541 by Francisco de Orellana is the longest and abundant of the world. Navigate in its water, is like be in directly contact with the nature and with the natives wisdom, is watch the sun down behind the trees and wonder with the infinity greenness.
The Amazonas is a huge river, with a slowly caudal that reminds a sea because in many parts its wide is about 4000 meters. The river receive all the water of the others rivers witch born in the oriental coast of the Andes Mountains, that make marshes and canoes labyrinths.
Also we know that the name is a mixture between 2 native words, ama (broke) and zona (boat), that it means the ‘broke boats’.

On the Amazonas banks, has formed some villages and little towns like Iquitos, capital of the Loreto department, witch wonder with its exuberating greenness and with the communities energy, like the Witoto or the Boras, people who has inherited the secrets and millenaries customs.
Iquitos, established in 1747 by the Jesuit Jose Bahamonde, is rounded by the Nanay, Itaya and Amazonas rivers. Hot, exotic and with awasome greenness, the biggest village of the Peruvian forest, is the starting point to go sailing in the Amazonas River.
Adventure insured…