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La Paz, a stunning city (Bolivia)

La Paz…a shock for the travellers.
Although you are not interesting in capitals or big cities, you must to know La Paz and make a little trip for it.
A kind of a big cube in the open air, where the poor are high and the riches down, here as in another places of Bolivia, the ‘model’ not exist, everything is different. Is for that, I love this country.
It is not a town which is visited by a tourist two floors bus. It is a city which goes along, wide and transversal; particularly on foot…
It is a city like nowhere place.
Ballad of a stunning city:

La Paz has almost 2 million of habitants, 3660 meters high (the high variant between 3000 and 4000 depending the different villages), is the highest capital of the world. Inter in a canyon, the red brown bricks housings climb the canyon hillside just to the deserted platform where is develop the poor villages. The arrived at those suburbs is absolutely impressive. The earth houses built on dry dusty terrain, the people manifesting and cutting the route which join Copacabana to La Paz, this mean that you are in La Paz, so, welcome to Bolivia!

Situated in the beautiful middle of the Andes (lovely views given by the eternal snow of the Illimani hill), La Paz is a village that bewitch and disconcert.
Bewitch with its skyscrapers, colored markets and its big shopping
Disconcert because of its social hierarchy that make living the poor in the high of the town (the big terrain of the suburbs of La Paz: El Alto, has almost 650,000 habitants) and the riches down.

La Paz and its multiplex views: business men in his suits, self-phones held at the ears, school child on the knowledge road with theirs ice creams, peddlers, women fashion dressed walking in front of the others dressed with the Andes traditional customs, the famous caps affirming their native identity.
At night, the lights of the village and the stars get confused, giving a giddiness sensation, of immensity under those high.
By day, we can get scared because of their non-stop hubbub, their anarchic circulation and their polluted air.

It is a town with a lot of markets, generally ‘classified’ by theme and also the village of the peddlers. Here we could do shopping, along the stands without need to come into the shops!
We find everything, no matter what and for every uses: the corner of where they polish shoes, the corner of the faucet, of the music instruments, of the food, of the clothes, the cigarettes, the animal fetus (particularly fetus of the llamas: it seems that inter one of this with the first rock of the house give luck), the dvd, cd, the contraband stuff, fruits, vegetables and the corner of bewitches, with the famous bewitches shop.
In that last, we can find every necessary to make a curse to someone special…

You may be had understood and you absolutely must to discover this village which stunning like that…