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Madidi National Park (Bolivia)

When we talk about the Amazon, Brazil immediately comes to mind, sometimes Peru or Ecuador, but Bolivia, very rarely, although…
The Amazon jungle covers over 60% of Bolivian territory, and it is in Bolivia where is the best preserved park throughout the Amazon, a real gem for mi.
The area of the Madidi National Park has 18.957 km2. It is located in the provices Franz Tamayo and Iturralde, north-eastern of La Paz.
The National Geographic magazine considers it as one of the biggest reserves of biodiversity of the planet.

Madidi National Park is characterized by the exceptional richness of the ecosystem with a great variety of flora and fauna. Indeed, it is the biggest natural reserve of Bolivia and one of the most important genetic resources of the planet. The fabulous natural landscape is also very diverse: the highlands and the glaciers of the Andes, the lagoons of high altitude, deep valleys, rocky cliffs, canyons, waterfalls and rivers with capricious course. The hydrography of the area depends with the Amazon basin, sub basin of the Beni River, with major rivers like the Madidi, Madre de Dios, the Tuichi, the Heath and the Quendeque.

Midid National Park is characterized by exceptional biological variety of ecosystems. We can count 4,739 varieties of plants, 1,370 different vertebrates and 867 varieties of tropical birds. The park is considered the most biologically rich and it is protected as no one in the world.

To access here will be better to fly to Rurrenabaque. This charming little town, bordered by the Beni River, is an ideal place to relax in a hammock or enjoy a good cocktail before launching on the pampas and the jungle.

The experience here is go with a guide on an expedition mode ‘commando’, equipped with his Indiana Jones knife to make a passage between the plants, trees and creepers. With the eyes and ears alert, you will stop to listen to the sounds or for the guide show you the virtues of such a plant, a root or a tree.
The forest provides all resources necessary to care for, hunt and eat. But better know to its subject because many roots contain pure water saving, but others could be a really deadly poison.

The sunrise is also an exceptional moment: at 5 am you can hear the howler monkeys that fill the drill of their rattle at the treetops, veiled by the mist and the sun as a big orange ball. By land we discover traces of jaguars and tapirs that came to drink or eat grass from the edge of the river.

To discover absolutely!