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Pacaya Samiria Natural Reserve (Peru)

My favorite amazing site next to the Amazon is the Pacaya Samiria natural reserve.
To visit it you will have a local guide from one of the villages within the reserve. In fact many communities are living in the reserve before it was recognized as such. The Peruvian government therefore requires to the service providers that offer you, days of immersion in the Pacaya Samiria with a local guide to also help them financially.
This can able you to be in contact with the guides who know all the secrets of the jungle, wildlife and flora.
During the meal, you will probably qualify for many stories and legends of Amazon. Also, to attract wildlife, local guides perfectly mimic the screams of howler monkeys, jaguars, alligators and other animals…nothing like to get into the atmosphere, especially during nights out!…
Finally, if some animals are very hard to observe (not impossible) because of intense hunting, some rather lets himself out without problem. (Example: the river dolphin).
Unfortunately, here as elsewhere, the belief often protect more the animals than the laws.

The National Reserve Pacaya Samiria is the biggest protected natural area in Peru, about 2,08 million hectares. It is located at 300 km from Iquitos and is accessible only by the river.
The abundance of virgin rainforest area endowed with an enormous biodiversity, similar to the Manu National Park. The National Reserve Pacaya Samiria has many lakes and lagoons as well as areas of marsh. Virtually unexplored and uninhabited, it has great potential for research studies and observing wildlife, particularly of certain endangered species in other areas.

This area has more than 85 lakes and has exuberant vegetation with a wide variety of flora, like the ‘lapuna’ tree measuring up to 160 feet high and with a diameter of 10ft, or four different types of forests. It also hosts 130 species of mammals such as the jaguar, the wild cat, the giant otter and the ronsoco (the largest rodent in the world) and several species of monkeys in danger of extinction, including the beautiful black monkey, who shares this magical place with 350 species of birds such as toucans, macaws blue, yellow and red.

The most important resource of the National Reserve Pacaya Samiria is its aquatic fauna, with 250 fish species, such as paiche, the largest weighing river fish, with over 250 pounds and measuring up to 9 feet long, plus two species of turtles and dolphins pink and grey.