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South Lipez, the Bolivian jewel (Bolivia)

Here’s what be the ‘pearl’ of your journey, which I think is the most spectacular region of South America.
Certainly is one of the most wild and rugged areas of the planet. A tourist destination that is worth…
But, it is possible to visit this region with some comfort. I offer programs with quality accommodation for the area through and with hot water!

The south-west of Bolivia is part of the provinces of North Lipez, South Lipez and Baldiviezo which together form the region known as Los Lipez.
This high desert is one of the harshest wilderness places of the planet.
In this hotbed of volcanic activity and geothermal land full of minerals that give the landscapes and lakes a variety of colors supernatural.
Those who love leave the roads will feel in paradise. You’ll be blown away by the vagaries of geological sector, which form the supernatural backdrop.

In the far south-west of Bolivia the surreal landscapes are punctuated by towering volcanoes, dozens of bubbling hot springs, geysers and fumaroles, and hot pools and lakes which flamingos, minerals and algae that give all the shades of the rainbow.
Laguna Verde, an emerald green lake surrounded by volcanoes and the Laguna Colorada, which changes from red to blue several times a day, are among the gems of Bolivia most visited.

This place is nothing but the southern boundary of Bolivia, reached after days of trail through a barren landscape. Only the active of the millennial volcanoes disturb the repose of that mineral world.
The highlight, Laguna Verde, over 4000 m altitude, in South Lipez, is several days from the last Bolivian city. But before reaching this particular place, you should cross the Altiplano, from north to south, and this is the heart of Bolivia that unfold before your eyes to Uyuni, the Far West town out of nowhere, door input of wonders of South Lipez.
Further south, you enter truly in South Lipez desert, where multicolored lagoons punctuate the route the Chilean border. It is around these islands of life where we find the real owners of the region: the flamingos, which launch haughty eyes, its feet soaked in ice water.

Landscape of dreams, very customizable, photographers paradise: the world of minerals that will expose their color palettes to infinity: Salar de Uyuni, Stone Tree, Desert Siloli, Laguna Colorada, Laguna Verde, Licancabur volcano, Dali rocks valley, Sol de Mañana…
Country of contrasts, Bolivia is a dream of colors and shapes.
Pack your bags!