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The Inca Trail (Peru)

Impossible for me not to talk about this topic hike certainly become notorious over time, but will always represent something so special to me…

The Inca Trail was discovered in 1915 by the American explorer Hiram Bingham after his discovery of Machu Picchu in 1911.

The city of Machu Picchu is the jewel of the Inca civilization. This site with its religious, astronomical functions, its energy, was the site of important ceremonies, and the destination of the pilgrimage. The road, that led pilgrims and officers allowed by the empire, to the sacred city is known as the ‘Inca Trail‘.
Today is one of the most legendary treks in the world.

The road is paved with stones, through tunnels, crossing three successive passes, passing by Inca sites in the gradually growing as we approaches the Machu Picchu. The second part of the trek is located in tropical areas; Machu Picchu is the gateway to the Amazon. The arrival to this ride on the Machu Picchu is via the famous Sun Gateway.
The 45 km trek is generally done in 4 days.

Walking on the Inca Trail, you have the chance to visit the Inca sites, covered by vegetation that will make you feel to discover yourself…

All of this vision will make the traveler to meditate on the greatness of intellectual and spiritual Andean people, who establish the Inca civilization.
The hike is described as moderately difficult, but any reasonably healthy person is capable for do that. This is an exciting adventure; however it is important to be acclimated to the altitude of 4200 meters.

Machu Picchu is undoubtedly one of the most mythical places of our planet. Millions of people wish they could one day set foot in this city, emblem of the Inca civilization. But the visit of Machu Picchu is a bit special because no road allows access. So by train or on foot, they are the only ways to get into this city.
This course of four days of walking is now a victim of its success. The demand for this beautiful walk is so important that it took to regulate its access to avoid damage.
The number is 500 people per day. This figure includes porters and guides, so it is about 170 walkers each day allowed to undertake this trek.
The demand for this course is very important, it is imperative to book several months in advance to have a place…