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The route of Death (Bolivia)

Funny name for a wonder place, I will tell you…
I grant you, it sounds amazing!
La Cumbre, 4700 m, is a mountain near La Paz.
Coroico, what is there behind this name to French connotation?
Nothing special really. However, the road to get there is exceptional.

This is one of the prettiest roads in the world. It sarts in the eternal snow peaks of Andes, La Cumbre, winds through green vegetation caught in mist, before descending into Amazon jungle, hot and wet, to Coroico.
Over the road arise white crosses, tombstones overgrown with flowers, while resting in the ravine rusted wrecks of vehicles…

This road was the gateway between the highest capital in the world, La Paz and the Yungas agriculture region, much lower in altitude than La Paz and where grown fruits and vegetables, and where are heavy trucks traffic and other vehicles.

This trade route was officially ranked the most dangerous road in the world since it was built on a mountainside and not longer than 3.2 meters wide, enough for one vehicle but not for a two-way road.
On average 26 vehicles per year, drift into the ravine.

A path strewn with hairpins on the edge of cliffs, the path in the Bolivian Andes has no coating and not slightest security barrier.

Since quite few years, this road is only used by cyclist, thrill seekers.
But some buses and vehicles continue to borrow.

After this delightful trip, you will not complain any more with the traffic on highways, I assure you…