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L’Argentina, from the latin argentum (silver) is the second largest country in South America and the eighth in the world. It is a country that has the size of a continent. All the climates of the world are represented. When it says that its population reached almost 37 million inhabitants and 90% in urban areas, it then becomes aware of how the nature and wildlife are everywhere and appropriate the space.

Faced with such large megacities as Buenos Aires, which accounts one third of the country’s people; nature is expressed by the excess and an incredible diversity is illustrated by the Andes mountains which shelter the Aconcagua, the highest summit of the Americas; the pampas, one of the most fertile lands of the globe; the widest river in the world: Rio de la Plata, vast plains, endless whipped by winds; by the rainforest of Misiones bordering Brazil; and Tierra del Fuego, southern extent that leads to the end of the world.

Argentina is a destination for adventure and discovery that appeals to all lovers of nature and the large spaces offers to the mountain enthusiasts many opportunities for trekking and hiking.

Argentina is also this immense piece of Europe, transferred to South America. This is a promised land, which has sometimes proved temperamental, but where the myth of America has remained alive. If tango is inextricably linked to Buenos Aires, the gaucho is still associated with the Pampa. Then come thousands of differences, a thousand discoveries, a thousand shades, which make Argentina a unique land.

Argentina is a country where the extremes meet: the bustling city life contrasts with the surprising isolation of the backcountry. It is a country where it can be hot in one region and cold in another simultaneously. Argentines are passionate, curious by nature, full of life and especially considering when they talk about football, which is really a national obsession. Evita, the tango, gauchos and estancias (residences) are the usual clichés of Argentine charm but it is the exuberance of this country that will surprise most visitors. The frenetic pace of Argentina stopped the only time of the siesta, which takes place every afternoon.

Argentina shares with Chile, the Patagonia, land of superlatives, dream in common to all of us. Just the word “Patagonia” triggers unreasonable as a folly, which takes us away from our daily lives in a mysterious fantasy world for all of us.
Here, there for you, just south of Patagonia, the three kingdoms of plant, animal and mineral as have spent a better deal for sublime.
Patagonia is less than one inhabitant per square kilometer, is almost twice France’s equivalent of the population of Alsace. Nature is strong, tough and hostile, and it makes us humble and reminds us of our little human condition.

Traveling on these lands, is want to meet with yourself, facing so many unanswered questions and learn to listen to the silence. Patagonia is home, certainly, some of the latest virginity of our planet.
This world can be real and I can help you to know …

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