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...Also Argentina / Chile

General informations :
Areas of Peru
Areas of Bolivia

Fauna and flaura… :

The fauna is divided mainly according to the geography of these two countries. You will have no difficulty to find llamas and alpacas, the two most common animals in Peru and Bolivia.
Pacific coast, Peru: penguins, flamingos, pelicans, sea lion colonies.
Highlands: alpaca, vicuna, llama, chinchilla, condor, eagle, seagull Andean, flamingos …
Amazon: jaguars, bears and tapirs, capybaras, caimans and many reptiles, fish, insects, birds (parrots, toucans, hummingbirds …)
Near the river you may cross capybaras (large rodents), turtles, giant otters, alligators.

In the mountains, you may be lucky enough to see a condor, bird of prey revered by the Incas. The southern altiplano is the place to see James’s flamingos.
The Amazon is of course where you will find the most significant number of species (butterflies, insects, lizards, monkeys, parrots …).
In addition, Bolivia, among the 60 national parks and reserves, two national parks such as “Madidi National Park” and “Noel Kepff National Park” will delight lovers of wildlife.
Flora side, wealth is also remarkable. On the hills a few plants remain. The puna, which consists of short grass and scattered shrubs, covers the highlands.
You can also see a dwarf tree, rarest, Quenua above the 3000m. In the hills and valleys you can watch vegetation comparable to that of Spain or California. And south, you will be able to see spring flowering of many cacti.
Plant species richness in the Amazon rainforest defies the imagination, both for the variety of species than for shapes. Note simply the wonderful orchids …