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General informations :
Areas of Peru
Areas of Bolivia

Cooking / Beverage …:

Peruvian cuisine offers a wide variety of dishes typical of the Coast, Sierra and the Forest. Here is a non-exhaustive list of specialties to enjoy during your stay:
The ceviche is raw fish marinated in lime juice.
The carapulcra: stewed dried potatoes.
The tamales are corn cakes.
Papa rellena: potato stuffed fritters
Chupe: fish soup accompanied by a mixture of cheese, lard and eggs.
Olluquito jerky con cuy, potatoes and roast guinea pig.
Tamales of rice named Juan, is a typical dish of the Amazon rainforest.

For drinks:
Pisco Sour: Peru well-known cocktail, made with pisco (grape brandy).
Chicha morada is a soft drink made from purple corn.
The masato is a typical beer of the Amazon region, made with cassava.
Chicha de Jura is a fermented drink made from yellow corn.
The Inca Kola (1935) is a soft drink created in Lima. It is classified national drink (“the bebida del Peru”) and has managed the feat only defeat of both Pepsi and Coke. The taste? It’s pretty bubble-gum. Color? Yellow.

Bolivian cuisine, little known, it has a large variety of dishes made with a base of a few simple ingredients: tubers, cereals, fruits, meats and fish.
Breakfast “desayuno” is often limited to a simple coffee with a bun. Usually it is followed by a snack in the morning. Lunch is the main meal. This meal “almuerzo” generally consists of soup, a main course followed by coffee or tea. (A salad and dessert are possible for most shoots). Dinner (cena) is meanwhile generally limited to a dish. The potatoes are in every plate. In the staple of the food of the Andean peoples, we count a hundred species.
The Andean grains such as quinoa and millmi, are delicious in soup or with milk. Bolivia is one, with Mexico, of the “masters of bread” of the continent.
I recommend you taste the marraquetas, sarnitas, empanadas, bollos, cuñapes and other delicacies.

For drinks:
Api: hot, sweet and thick purple corn drink, with cinnamon and clove for breakfast.
The Aloja is a sweet drink made from cereals (wheat, corn or quinoa). Soft drinks, try the Papaya Salvietti.
Mineral waters are available in practically every city. Regarding wine, the amateur will go on site in the region of Tarija, where I can arrange a tour and tasting of local wines. In Santa Cruz, taste the jumechi, alcohol from sugar cane.
For those who prefer soft drinks, try the “somo”, a delicious and refreshing drink made from corn.