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North Coast

Are you passionate of Archaeology? This area is for you…

There is an area that I love. Whenever I visit, the mysteries are still there and the few travelers that I meet are imagined in this territory: Excited!

Too often neglected by tourists, the North Coast has much to offer culturally to my eyes. I can only recommend you discover this region, many surprises await you.
Symbol of the pre-Inca cultures, the Moche and Chimu civilizations, have left here grand sites.
The mysteries and discoveries are sure to surprise you:
The site of Huaca de la Luna, which was the administrative and political center of the Mochica culture (or Moche), where sumptuous wall paintings in color are discovered.
Chan Chan was the capital of the Chimu Kingdom, considered the “City of Mud” most of America it extends over 24 km2.

The archaeological complex of El Brujo and its local museum which contains an archaeological marvel: the mummified body of a woman, is the power of the Moche civilization.
Also the city of Chiclayo for its famous Museum of Royal Tombs, certainly the most beautiful museum of all Peru, which presents the treasures of the sanctuary of the Lord of Sipan, a great political figure of the Moche culture, whose discovery of the tomb is compared to that of Tutankhamun’s priceless treasures and its archaeological treasures (jewels, ceramics …). 

Trujillo, vibrant and welcoming, with its old colonial houses, its wooden balconies, its wrought iron railings, is a cool oasis in the great coastal desert.

But this region has picturesque fishing villages and oasis towns facing the Pacific Ocean but surrounded by desert. These oases, created centuries ago by the ingenious irrigation systems are the breadbasket of Peru. They provide vegetables, rice, sugarcane and fruits, found in small shops on the edge of the famous Pan-American Highway that runs along the coast from Lima to the Ecuadorian border. 

The northern region of the coast does not suffer the effects of the cold Humboldt current, which results in high temperatures throughout the year (up to 35 ° C in summer), almost 300 days of sunshine year, and a temperature of water ideal for swimming.

For those who want a relaxing stay in the end, this is where it will go.