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South Coast

Here lived civilizations dating back to the dawn of time… Far from being my favorite region of Peru, some sites worth visiting because of easy access and close to the great classics of southern Peru.

The entire desert coast along the Pacific Ocean, dotted with dunes, representing 10% of Peru. The many rivers that originate in the Andes and descend steeply toward the Pacific allowed the irrigation of the region, causing very dry. The southern region is much drier than the north. It is in this coastal plain that are concentrated in most cities and industries whose Peruvian capital, Lima.
Not far from the capital, lies some wonders as the site of Caral, inscribed on the World Heritage List in 2009, which is the oldest city in America.

Also in this desert region lies with many charming oasis, like Huacachina.
But especially in this region of Peru that you can go and meet a few traces of pre-Inca civilizations like the Paracas, Chancay, but especially the Nazca and its famous lines which are one of the greatest mystery of our planet.

So it is in this region,where Peru is full of wildlife animal varied and important symbolized by the Ballestas Islands, a paradise full of seabirds and sea lions, and by the Paracas reserve. This reserve is a huge protected area located south of the city of Pisco.
The Peruvian coast is in the form of a vast desert bounded by mountains. And it is precisely the presence of the Andes to the east and the cold courrant Humboldt that reaches its beaches, which give these characteristics arid and dry from the desert to the desert of Sechura to the Nazca pampas and the Atacama Desert. The coast is sporadically interrupted by valleys covered by dense layer of clouds. Light rains are common during the winter.
The central and southern Peruvian coast has two distinct seasons: the winter season between April and October and the summer season between November and March. The rainy season occurs between November and March.