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The southern Amazon

Often forgotten, but the Peruvian Amazon forest extends to the south. Cusco is located only 45 minutes by plane from the heart of this “green hell“, a short hop!
Like Bolivia, the Amazon covers mainly the territory of Peru: almost 60%!

It is common that visitors will not associate in Peru, the Andes, the Inca and pre Inca civilizations other. That would be a shame not to explore the Amazon basin during your trip, as not to go would be to ignore one of the faces of Peru …
The department of Madre de Dios is located in the south east of the country and its capital city of Puerto Maldonado in the province of Tambopata. Very rich, the region of Madre de Dios also has people who live here, among them: more than 30 communities still speak Quechua, and many native communities in the Amazon.
In border with Brazil and Bolivia, the territory consists of jungle and high jungle with a tropical climate, hot and humid with rainfall between the months of November and April. Its average temperature is 25 ° C.

What today is known as Madre de Dios, form part of the ancient Inca Empire in the region known as Antisuyo.
During the colonial adventurers have made expeditions but have tragic results obtained because they died in the hands of different tribes.
It is also in the Amazon region, where is the Manu Biosphere Reserve, which was declared Natural Heritage of Humanity in 1987.

The park includes a land rich in different species of animals, flora and fauna and a variety of Andean habitats, high Andean, tropical and subtropical areas. This natural paradise is home to a rich biodiversity in protected areas, cloud forests and endemic species on the planet.
Manu is home to over 800 species of birds, including the harpy eagle, the Jabiru and the cock rock, more than 200 types of mammals, including black spider monkeys, river otters, black caiman, the South American jaguar (Otorongo), ocelot, spectacled bear, tapir and Andean deer (Taruc).
Names like that of the city of Puerto Maldonado in the Madre de Dios River or the city of Iquitos, this one much farther north, evoke the “green hell” and are now choke points for the visitor , who embarks on long canoes, called “peque-peque”.

Off to adventure! …