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Prepare your tours to Peru and Bolivia

Je connais très bien le Pérou et la Bolivie pour avoir parcouru ces deux pays. Je continue aujourd’hui à les parcourir largement pour y trouver des endroits hors des sentiers battus, de nouveaux services à proposer et de nouveaux sites à découvrir.

The organization of trips across the vast territories implies taking into account the aspect of non-standard distances between sites and the difficulties of access to some of them.

The immensity of these countries and the wealth of sites to explore, cities and places to visit impose an excellent preparation for your trip in order to make the most on time and within budget.

I am convinced that the most appropriate way to understand and discover countries such as Peru and Bolivia is a priority to visit the beautiful places that nature offers us and look as close to their culture, mainly learned in contact with their inhabitants.

Feel free to contact me for a suggested circuit according to your wishes. Unlike traditional travel agents, I visited each place where you sleep, surveyed each site you will discover. This requirement of proximity is a guarantee of quality and service, because each character you rub in your journey, or most of them, become a friend. Because of the quality of our relationship together, we have established a bond of trust whose foundation rests on the success of your stay.

Travel is of course see all the beautiful landscapes, but more importantly is to understand, enter into “communion” with the peoples of the Altiplano, the Amazon and the desert areas that often hold the keys of the essence of life.