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Voyages sur mesure Voyages sur mesure Voyages sur mesure

Trip to Peru and Bolivia to measure

My mission is to imagine and plan your trip to Peru and / or Bolivia based on what you want to see, discover and above depending on how you want to travel. I can also assist you in organizing your trip if you plan to visit the north west of Argentina and north of Chile from Peru and / or Bolivia.

During your journey you can go to meet the vastness and biological wealth of the Amazon, enter into communion with the millennial silence of the Altiplano, discovering the mysteries of the pre Inca and Inca civilizations, feel the purity of the Andes or the Salar de Uyuni, observe the magnificence of Titicaca Lake, listen to the melodies of the charango, stroll the middles of the colorful markets and architecture, dating back several centuries, in one word: go to meet your imagination on these lands so mysterious…

For several years, I travel around Peru and Bolivia to identify new addresses, new destinations and out of common personalities to meet. My address book is now filled names and magical places scattered throughout Bolivia and throughout Peru. It allows me to make you stay outside the norm, particularly authentic, safe and personalized.
The travels which I offer are available starting at any time: you choose your own dates!
My dearest wish: to share with you everything that fascinates me and excites me in this wild and remote South American continent, to take you to places full of emotion and outside conventional circuits offered by travel agencies.

My greatest success: whether you want to come back whenever you get a chance!