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They trusted me, my best thanks to all of them…
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Corsier-sur-Vevey (1804)

Coralie and Jérémie VOITA


Trip from 08/11 to 24/11/2010 (Honeymoon)

"A unique trip to Chile and Argentina…we returned with eyes and heart conquered"

Everything started with some internet researches regarding countries located in Latin America. The site of Boris attracted us immediately. After several e-mail exchanges, clear and fast answers including suggestions regarding our consultations, we decided to trust him the organization of our trip. Very good decision!
Us, crossing lost roads in the desert, discovering incredible landscapes, baths in thermal springs at more than 4500 meters, sometimes interrupted on our way by a group of donkeys, vicunas and also llamas… We had dreamed about a trip in full nature, which makes us forget for a moment the daily thing. We were accompanied by guides who shared with us their knowledge, their experiences in these very rich cultural countries and with a strong history.

We have fully enjoyed this voyage, just following our itinerary and letting us guide. My small concern to have reserved this voyage exclusively by the internet instead through an agency disappeared and I would not hesitate to recommend the services of Boris. It was a pity that we could not meet you…perhaps the next time during another trip?
Coralie & Jeremy

Ribeauvillé (68)

Richarde and Jean Marc RUDLOFF

Trip to Argentina and Chile from 02/11 to 24/11/2010

Hello Boris,
We had spent, mainly thanks to you, 3 unforgettable weeks in Patagonia and Chile.
We didn’t know the countries or the language but after several months we managed to prepare this great voyage and you knew to respond to all our consultations.
Besides the historical, cultural and geographical aspects, on which we have learned a lot and it would be too long to develop them in detail here, we must recognize the perfect organization regarding the numerous transports, companions, guides and drivers. Over the 3 weeks we spent either in urban cities or in isolated zones, in 2 different countries, the logistic never failed.
Our thanks, specially, to the people who guided us; Juan with Buenos Aires, Valeria in Valdez, Adrian in Ushuaia, Magdalena in Torres del Paine, Antoine in Easter Island and Julie in Santiago and Valparaiso.
We also want to thank Cristian, who received us in his rancho and spent his time with us; unforgettable moments.
We finished the voyage with an excellent lunch at a very good restaurant in Valparaiso… where the pisco probably attenuated a little our sadness while it was the time to join the airport.
Many thanks to all those we have not named but they have also contributed to the full success of this "adventure".
Many thanks to you, for your presence, your phone calls, your concern of knowing our impressions.
2 modest adventurers ready to return… with your assistance…

Olivet (45)

Danie and Dominique MAULAY

Trip to Argentina from 20/10 to 05/11/2010

Hello Boris,

Our stay in Argentina from October 20th to November 5th was for both of us delightful. A program very well orchestrated and very diverse plenty of delicate attentions which already makes us dream about the next one, to another of these incredible regions. Thank you Boris for this beautiful experience.

Saint Sernin du Bois (71)

Sylvie and Gaetan FRANCO



Trip to Chile from 10/09 to 10/16/2010

Vuelvo, (I return) that is the title of the song that we listened in Inti’s car.
This sensation of returning towards our unknown origins, this is what we felt thanks to you Boris, and to your flawless organization. It seems that with you anything is possible; you organized a trip to Chile for us on a short notice and you managed to coordinate our professional agenda with our desire to visit the South, all that in only one week; it was really a challenge!! 
This trip lets us a strong desire to return to these ancestral lands, and this time discover this splendid and huge Chile in its totality.  We received only attentions and kindness on behalf of the Chilean people and the guides who knew how to share with us and transmit their love for their native or adoption country.
Magic places, unforgettable people and a lot of memories… (456 photos)!!
And specially this feeling of returning home, to these territories unknown one month ago!!

As Pagny would say:
I know these lands; I have stepped on these grounds,
I have been here and I have lived here,
A frank sensation, a white illumination
I have finally found the peace I was looking around.

Thanks again Boris, we owe you for all of this, hoping to see you soon and this time for a longer period…

Saint just (34)

Stéphanie IANNONE and Martial BENAZET

Trip to Argentina from 08/09 to 08/28/2010

Lucky day…
While searching in the internet, we bumped into the site “Boris Patagonia”.  Seduced by Boris haircut, we spoke to him about our voyage project in Argentina, our first trip to South America.
Thanks to his good advices and availability, we started.

After numerous exchanges of e-mails, he prepared very carefully a 3 week perfect trip, composed of several pleasures and privileged meetings.
Received throughout our route by very nice and enthusiastic guides, we visited the zone of the northwest, from Salta to Humahuaca, the northeast around the Iguazú falls, a part of the Glaciers National Park in Patagonia and of course Buenos Aires and its outstanding tango spectacle.
The landscapes were astonishing and breathtaking.

Thanks to all who shared with us a small part of their huge country: Juan, Alexandro, Laura, Patricia, Tone, Rachel, Roxana, Tony, Corino…
A special mention to the few days we spent around Salta, particularly, a memorable evening by the compass of the music of Tono.
We wait impatiently for the release of his album!

And mainly to the head orchestra, Boris, that assured us a stay without faults.
We hope anxiously to travel with Boris again in a few years, perhaps to Peru or another destination that he might suggest.


Patricia and Gilbert CABARET DE ALBERTI

voyage argentine

torres del paine

Trip to Argentina & Chile from 07/25 to 08/19/2010

Living in Niza, my husband and I had dreamed about Patagonia for a long time, finally we launched our journey in 2010. 
Boris organized a perfect trip to us.
In January while searching in the Internet I found the site of Borispatagonia. His passion for the South end of South America glimpsed in his texts and photos immediately and attracted me. After several exchanges of e-mails, Boris prepared a super program in Chile, with a passage to Argentina and Bariloche, his place. At no moment of the trip we felt disappointed; the contrast between these two so close countries but at the same time so different enriched our circuit. Qualified guides, always on time, wild places, impressive landscapes, comfortable hotels (even lost in the middle of nature), quite often with magnificent views, we liked all that very much.
We are used to do a trip per year, and this was for both of us one of our favorites. What we liked more of the circuit was the Salar of Surire and the Lauca Park near Putre in the north of Chile and specially the park Torres del Paine in the south of Patagonia, for us mountain lovers, it was spectacular; unfortunately too short.  
Thank you Boris for this great journey.

Cheverny (41)

Sylvie and Bruno QUESTE

voyage argentine

estancia calafate

glacier argentine

Trip to Argentina from 05/07 to 20/07/2010

I was looking for a great birthday gift for Sylvie. I thought immediately about Argentina that we had often mentioned. Boris, with his knowledge of the country and his good understanding of what we were looking for, transformed this idea into a dream stay with a very customized organization without faults. Congratulations Boris for your task and for having shared your passion with us, which made us want to return to this country or to South America and to trust you again for the elaboration of the itineraries.

What we saw and liked:
– The discovery of the region of the Northwest: splendid colors, landscapes that vary to each change of direction, impressive sand  and salt deserts, colorful and calm cities and towns, meals and warm afternoons.
– The Iguazú Falls: spectacular falls, permanent rainbows connecting the water and the Earth.
– Our first steps into the South Patagonia: the immensity and the colors of the Steppe, the reflection of snow-covered mountains and the blue sky on the Lakes, the ranchos with their calm life and the animals surrounding them, the horseback riding in the steppe, the glaciers that "live" with their blue color competing with the sky and its impressive " sound". For us it was something spectacular, out of the ordinary, never seen, without comparison!

Again, congratulations Boris for allowing us to live all that.
Bruno and Sylvie


Daphné and Sébastien LOMETTI

Trip from 04/05 to 05/07/2010 (Honeymoon)

Dear Boris, We had spent several hours trying to organize our trip to Argentina.
There were so many things to see that it became very difficult to choose.
Then, we saw your splendid site in the Internet.
It took only one exchange of e-mails and you immediately understood what we were looking for.
Thank you for this top-of-the-range program that fulfilled our needs perfectly.
We spent a sensational month visiting the region and also met wonderful people
From the North to the South everything was perfectly coordinated, BRAVO!
We hope to have the occasion at some time to share some mates with you, because it is a promise, we will return!
Greetings, Daphné and Sébastien


Alexandra AUGIRON and Bruno MORICET

Trip to Chile from 03/14 to 04/04/2010

Hello Boris,
What an incredible trip!
Every day we were wondering how we were going to tell about our trip when we return to France.
And now I have still problems to find the right words.
Beyond the extraordinary landscapes, it was an excellent organization, everything was perfect: the reservations, the itinerary, the guides, the drivers, your friends in the Estancias, without forgetting Antoine, Lolita and Richard: there were no mistakes!
And of course Juan in Buenos Aires, I was forgetting him…

The weather was on our side, something that help that our stay was still more magical.
If we had to recommend this program we would do it without vacillating (except for the cruise in the middle of glaciers that was a little long).
In any case, I would not hesitate a second to recommend you to my friends!

Thanks again for everything… a part of my dream came true thanks to you.
It was a pity that we couldn’t coordinate to meet and talk about our common passion: the trips!
Thanks, thanks, thanks,
Alexandra and Bruno


Villebon sur Yvette (91)

Grazia and Stéphane SCAILLET

Trip from 11/03 to 23/03/2010

Hello Boris,
Our stay in Patagonia seems already so remote ……, and we wish to return as soon as possible with new projects!!!!
We expected splendid landscapes and we were not disappointed!! The weather, which was our main concern, was good.
Concerning the organization of the voyage, everything was perfectly coordinated, there were always someone waiting for us in each one of the places, always well predisposed.
A small preference goes to the Chilean Receptive in Puerto Natales who managed our stay in the Chilean Patagonia and offered a very detailed attention.
Concerning the hotels in Chile, congratulations to all of them for their reception and cleanliness, they offer us a warm welcome under all points of view, human and… thermal!!!
The continuation of the voyage in the Argentinean Patagonia was also very good, with the absence of idle periods and always very kind personnel.
What else to say? Amazement is guaranteed!
And to finish, a beautiful stay in Buenos Aires in a true paradisiacal place right in the centre of the city, a good starting point to visit the capital on foot!!
Thank you very much again, Boris, for preparing a flawless voyage!!
Grazia and Stephan