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« Where it all began… »…

… For one of the civilizations of the most mystical, as the legend said, would have headed north with the sun god, son of Manco Capac, straight out of Titicaca Lake to found the future capital (modern Cusco) of an entire empire: Inca empire.

But more importantly, it is “where it all began…” for me. There are trips that can change a life, the beginnings of a path mapped out, I’m the perfect example.

Trained artist, music was my first great passion and my reason to live for nearly 15 years.
To me, art has always been synonymous of freedom. And life itself can be an art…

In 2000, I flew for my first trip to South America. Destination: Peru. The country seemed the richer compared to what I wanted to discover: the Inca civilization, indigenous peoples and diverse natural landscapes.
I had no doubt to take that plane, where my future was going to be upset…

Naturally, I wanted to know all about of my childhood dream, long thought through the history books and epic dream: the extraordinary cities of Machu Picchu in Peru and Tiwanaku in Bolivia.
So, I began a trek of 4 days of walking the Inca Trail. Had I found what I was looking for? I do not know …
Anyway, I met an Argentine, now my wife, with whom I now live, installed several years now in Patagonia.
This love of South America, reinforced every day over the meetings of the seasons, the discoveries of the landscape all more grandiose than the others, I decided to share with other travelers, lovers of open spaces, authenticity and mythical stories.
Offering customized trips, unique, quality, with an exclusive service, I wanted to bring within the reach of all these magical places and lived the dream every day now.

Peru and Bolivia are for me the true reflection of South America as one can imagine. I wanted long time ago offer trips in these lands, where the peoples of this region share a vision of the world intimately linked to the sacred.

With my experience in organizing the personalized trip, I invite you to explore Peru and / or Bolivia which are lands grand and masterful, but also cultures rich in Indian traditions.

Here, there for you, the immensity and the biodiversity of the Amazon, the millennial silence of the Altiplano, the mysteries of the Inca and pre Inca civilizations, the purity of the Andes or the Salar de Uyuni, the magnificence of Titicaca Lake, the melodies of the charango, colorful markets and ancient architecture of several centuries are only examples of what awaits you.

I propose the “excess to your needs” in this part of the world that I know particularly well.
For me, there are no borders between Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador… Unique lands in South America that cannot be apprehended and therefore be assessed in their entirety. Here everything comes together, the barriers are only political.

Unlike the traditional , I am your direct intermediary and unique. I organize and prepare your trip according to your personality, your wishes and desiretravel agentss. You’re in a relationship with me before your trip, but also during and especially after, because, first and foremost, I like to keep in touch with the people who trusted me and preserve the quality of the relationships we have established over their adventure.

See you soon.

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